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The Different Needs your Ducts and HVAC system might need:

The rate that Houston is growing as a city is remarkable. The population is over 2 million residents while the market for homeowners is growing at a rapid rate. The importance of what to do when you get a home is common knowledge, until you purchase a home and cant get a weird smell out or allergies bombard you out of nowhere. We never think how important it is to maintain.

Safe House is here to remove that load and give you the best air duct cleaning in the Houston metro area.


  • Supply Vent and Return Intake Cleaning:

Your supply ducts are the small ducts in your house that supply air into all the rooms in your home. While the return ducts are the bigger ducts usually located on your wall. These Return intake vents are responsible for carrying the air flowing in your home and returning them back to your furnace to be filtered out. Return Intake vents are responsible for the clean air you breathe in your home.

  • Cleaning Process for your Vents: 

We do a cleaning your supply with a Negative Pressure HVAC Vacuum cleaning system that attaches to one or more access points in your duct system. This Negative pressure vacuum disturbs all the dust and debris lying in your ducts and directs them towards the pressure and out of your system.

We do a brushing in your return ducts because we really want to penetrate and deep clean these ducts because of how essential they are to the air you breathe.

  • Mold or Mildew in your ducts? 

After years of not cleaning your home and having a furnace that likely runs on water the presence of mold isn't completely ruled out of the picture. The presence of such bacteria can lead to toxic air in your home affecting your family. It can deteriorate your system and shorten its life span. Allergens are easily developed in this kind of environment.

Luckily this isn't something that Safe House can't fix for you. We pride ourselves in our pet friendly and human friendly mold remediation solution process. Trust us to come to your home and diagnose and remove all unwanted bacteria in your system.

  • Furnace Cleaning: 

Your furnace is equally if not more sensitive than your duct work. When cleaning the furnace we focus on two things. The blower which is responsible for the air flowing through the ducts and into your home. We also focus on the coils which is responsible for the temperature in which your furnace is working depending on the season.

What we recommend is an annual cleaning of your furnace simply because if you were to get mold or mildew in the system, there is nothing stopping from traveling to your ducts when the blower blows air back into your system.

In situations such as these we recommend UV Lighting ! 

The true pioneer of fighting of mold, mildew or unwarranted bacteria in your system is the UV Lights. The UV light protects the furnace unit from the arrival of any allergen, fungus, mildew or dust mites.It keeps your system new and functioning at an efficient level. It is one of the smartest investments any homeowner can do.

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There are many things that we can learn about how to keep quality air flowing in our home. Safe House works closely with all of our neighbors in Houston to give them exceptional service.

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